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Fungus infection is caused by water and/or moisture conditions usually caused from water leakage and eviromental conditions that aide in the fungus growth.

How do we treat it and/or control fungus?

What should be done is to correct the condition causing the fungus infection. If no damage is present scrap off the excess fungus growth and chemically treat the area with an approved fungicide wood preservative 15% solution of Tim-Bor or Bora-Care. These products also help deter future infections if the conducive conditions are corrected. In some instances as in a subarea where it normally has a high moisture content a vapor barrier could help control the moisture. Plastic can be laid over 80% of the soil to allow the soil to evaporate at a controlled rate. This has proven to help discourage fungus infection in most subareas. All structures are built on different types of soil. Some structures may need French drains or a sump pump installed to divert the water out from under the structure. Water should not be allowed to stand beneath the structure. The best methods for avoiding fungus growth is to have your structure professionally inspected on a regular basis as part of a regular homeowner maintenance.


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